Hey there!
Welcome to Let me Review that!
I created this blog with all of you in mind.
Let me explain.
Growing up I was never too interested in make-up.
It all seemed a bit vain to me and the thought of applying cosmetics on my face for them to melt right off during the day bothered me.
As I got older though, I started to play with some of the stuff I’d acquired here and there.
I failed miserably, eye-shadow did not look good on, eyeliner was never on straight and blush seemed like such an obsolete product.
Even so, the concept of make-up intrigued me and I embarked on journey that would soon lead to the creation of this blog.
Let me Review that! is about finding what’s new, what’s good, and what you should pass on.
I love to experiment and learn and throughout this whole experience I’ve learned so much.
Finally, eye-shadow does look good on me, I am able to create complete looks without so much as a sweat.
That to me is a great accomplishment
My greatest achievement though is being able to influence people to buy high quality products with peace of mind.
I test out department store cosmetics as well as low-end or drugstore kinds.
Above all though, I strive to give my most honest opinion on everything I review.
So welcome again, thank you for stopping by and most important of all, have fun!


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